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The Healing Benefits of Silicon (Bamboo): Reducing Joint Pain & Inflammation

Silicon, otherwise known as Bamboo or Bambosa Vulgairs, is an open-clump type bamboo species native to Indochina and to the province of Yunnan in southern China. As we age, our bodies become more susceptible to wear and tear. Our joints and tendons are no different; the collagen in them gets weaker and less elastic, leading to the development of chronic joint pain. However, there is hope!  Silicon is an essential trace mineral for collagen formation. Research has shown that silicon supplementation can help strengthen and repair tendons, reducing joint pain. Here are the top five research findings on silicon supplementation and its impact on tendon health. 

Silicon is an essential trace mineral for collagen formation.

  • A study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology showed that supplementing with silicon was effective in reducing pain in individuals with Achilles tendinopathy.  
  • Another study published in PLoS One showed that silicon supplementation helps increase collagen production, which strengthens tendons over time. 
  • According to a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, supplementing with silicon can reduce inflammation in the body.
  • A meta-analysis published in Osteoarthritis Cartilage found that silicon supplementation resulted in significant improvements for people suffering from degenerative joint disease. 
  • Finally, a review published in Nutrients concluded that supplementing with silicon improves overall tendon strength and reduces pain associated with tendonitis.

It’s clear from these studies that supplementing with silicon can be beneficial for middle-aged women looking to improve their joint health or reduce chronic pain caused by aging joints and tendons. When taken regularly as part of a comprehensive health plan, it can help keep your body healthy and strong into old age! 


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