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Green Coffee Bean Extract

We all know what coffee beans are and the health benefits from drinking coffee in moderation. Most of us however do not know what green coffee beans are. Simply put, they are the unroasted or raw coffee beans. The green coffee bean holds more chlorogenic acid (a group of antioxidant compounds), as opposed to the regular roasted coffee bean which has been processed. This is what defines the green coffee bean as beneficial to medicinal and various beauty products. [i]  Their green appearance is due to the natural unprocessed product of the coffee bean plant.

Green coffee beans are an extremely high antioxidant.  

This makes them greatly beneficial in terms of our health and wellness. It is also used as a anti inflammatory agent and has been shown to help protect the heart and liver [ii] against free radicals. This protection against free radicals allows the aging process to slow down and our skin for example, to retain its youthful look. It makes sense that green coffee beans are found in many skin products. Green coffee beans are full of fatty acids, Vitamin C, and linoleic acids, which aid in our bodies production of collagen. [iii]  Like wise this amazing natural product is also used in hair care products.

Green coffee beans boost our metabolism.

By limiting the release of glucose from the liver our metabolic rate is increased. Stored fat cells start to dissolve in the attempt to keep the blood sugar levels normal. [iv]  For this reason, green coffee beans are also used as a weight loss agent and have received much acclaim from TV shows supporting medical research stating this very fact.[v]  It has also been shown to suppress appetite adding to the effectiveness in weight loss and weight management. Green coffee beans are also used in ancient Chinese medicine to lower bad cholesterol which is known to promote weight loss.

Green coffee beans are full of fatty acids, Vitamin C, and linoleic acids, which aid in our bodies production of collagen.

A Nordic pharmaceutical company studied the effects of green coffee beans on obese individuals. [vi ]What they discovered isn’t the pie-in-the-sky claims of an unnamed television doctor, but they did learn something exciting. Green coffee beans, due to their high chlorogenic acid content, raise the basal metabolic rate. The basal metabolic rate (BMR) is responsible for how quickly your body processes nutrients and stores deposits of glucose and fat. Green coffee beans promote weight loss and decrease a fatty liver.

Chlorogenic acid is one of the critical components that make green coffee beans helpful for many health concerns. This type of acid efficiently absorbs glucose and fat, which helps prevent spikes in blood sugar and inflammation in the arteries. Experts also theorize chlorogenic acid prevents blood from forming clots, enabling it to flow more freely through the veins and arteries. The Journal of International Medical Research concludes chlorogenic acid restricts glucose absorption in people with obesity because it is an “adenosine receptor antagonist.” Human and animal studies have proven green coffee beans also reduce hypertension. This fantastic bean is also helpful in lowering blood pressure, which keeps the arteries flexible and healthy. [vii]  In doing so, studies are now being done to decipher green coffee bean in its relation to heart health.


Green coffee bean extract is an amazing product that not only boosts energy, aids in weight loss, but also balances hormonal imbalances. Research shows that it is beneficial for lowering cholesterol and provides our bodies with a strong antioxidant compound. As always, we at Edica Naturals also suggest that a daily exercise program along with a nutritious diet will be the best and most effective way to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle, especially as we age.

EZestro™ has 200mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract in each serving.



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